CDNIS started a mandatory Apple notebook program for all students in Grade 4 and above. The use of the notebook is a core feature of our school’s learning and teaching experience.With these in place, we are very confident that our students will be able to maximise their learning with technology available at their very fingertips.


  1. MacBook Pro 13-inch: 2.7GHz with Retina display 8GB RAM 256GB flash storage (customized model)
  2. Mac Air 13-inch: 1.6GHz 8GB RAM 256GB flash storage 

Please note that the Gr.4-6 classroom MacBook cabinets are designed to store MacBook 13-inch models. For supporting learning purposes, we recommend a MacBook with a 13-inch screen.

In responding to the parents’ concern about bag weight and transportation safety, we have carefully thought out a phased-in model for Gr.4 to 6 students. In this time, students will learn to take care of the MacBook by keeping it in the classroom cabinets. Students will learn to become responsible users of the MacBook before taking it to specialist classes and bringing it home. In the past years, Gr4 and Gr.5 started to bring their MacBook home during long holidays and Gr.6 brought their MacBook home during long holidays and when the MacBook is needed to complete homework. Gr.4 to 6 teachers and students will decide as a community when is a good time for the MacBook to go home every year. Parents will be informed by the homeroom teachers when the MacBook is ready to be sent home.


Grade 4 – 6 students are required to buy a plastic cover to protect their MacBooks. The colour of the plastic cover is chosen by the school. Parents need to purchase the cover through our official vendor Senco-Masslink Technologies Ltd. on their eshop portal.  There are a number of reasons for this requirement:
-the plastic case offers much needed protection from scratches to the exterior casing
-the cover needs to be a certain style so that the MacBook case will fit the classroom storage cabinet
– the cover allows for easy identification by grade level when students start travelling around the school with their MacBook. This aids getting laptops back to particular grades and promotes joint identity (much like school uniforms).

For Upper School students, the crystal case is optional, although from experience, students get comfortable with the established arrangements.

Our school’s software is very much dedicated for our educational needs and is very specific to CDNIS. Regrettably, we cannot extend those software licenses to students when they leave CDNIS. Your child will be asked to re-image their MacBook prior to leaving. Students need to backup all the personal data before visiting the 7F MacHub for re-imaging. The technician will inform your child when it can be returned to your child. The process should take approximately an hour.

The Admissions office will then be notified once the process is completed. For those who fail to comply, the school reserves the right to withhold transcripts and/or charge for the software titles taken away.

Consult the Gr.4-12 MacBook Programme FAQ for details.


If you have any questions about the notebook program, you may contact us at:
If you have any questions regarding orders of a MacBook, kindly contact Senco- Masslink Limited,, 852-2511-5760.