If you print PDF file with Mac's Preview, it sometimes may not print intermittently.  Please use Adobe Acrobat or Reader in that case.  Make sure your Acrobat or Reader are the latest version (Click Help > Check for Updates...).

If you need to print color with Adobe Acrobat or Reader, please follow steps 1 to 4 in this screenshot.  Please note that you must carry out step 2 and 3 even you see Color Single Sided or Color Two-Sided in Presets (step 2).  It is a bug in Adobe itself.

2019-09-13 14.28.05.png

If still cannot print.  Click Advanced and checkmark Print As Image.  Click OK.  Repeat the steps above to print color.  Remember to uncheck Force B/W at the copier.

2019-10-04 16.12.27.png
2019-10-04 16.12.36.png

If you print color PDF from Chrome,

2019-12-13 10.33.49.png

choose Follow-Me, and click on More settings.

2019-12-13 10.33.59.png

Choose Print using system dialogue...

2019-12-13 10.34.13.png

Choose Color Single Sided or Color Two-Sided again for Presets even if it was already Color Single SIded/Two-Sided.  Click Print.

2019-12-13 10.34.20.png

If there is still printing issue, download the PDF from Chrome first, and Adobe Acrobat or Reader and repeat the steps above.

2019-12-13 10.41.30.png